Strength and Safety

Some of the most important factors in building a new home are making sure that it is designed to keep your family safe, warm, comfortable, and energy efficient. 

Marlin Homes has taken that to a new level by adding ICF products to their building process that allow you energy savings, stability, safety and beauty.  This means your home will be more comfortable because indoor temperatures will not fluctuate nearly as much as homes built using traditional types of materials.

Building with ICF products you can achieve a home that is:

  • 50% more efficient 
  • will reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • with rate up to 4 times the fire rating required
  • 8 times strong than a traditionally built home 
  • faster to build 
  • quieter

We know you need to start with a strong dependable foundation that is why we sell to your contractors insulated concrete forms and performance wall systems.  Marlin Homes is dedicated to building a higher standard home with your family in mind. Find out more about our products. Ask your contractor to use ICF!

Whether you live in the cooler North or warmer South, are building a large or a small home, are constructing your entire home or just your basement with Logix ICFs, with LOGIX you are upgrading to a high-performance family home that works better, lives better and lasts better.

Homeowners will typically use their LOGIX XtraComfort Basement as a natural extension of their living space and often regard their basement as “the most comfortable part of their home”. (Unlike many other homeowners who often barely tolerate their damper, cooler and less comfortable “traditional” basement spaces.)